Watch a few home improvement TV shows, and it’s easy to think that remodeling is easy, fast, and affordable. However, what most of these shows often fail to show is the team of qualified professionals and the amount of time it takes to do a kitchen remodel, install flooring, or design exterior landscaping. When you’re getting new flooring, don’t fall into the same DIY trap. Our team at Integrated Flooring Solutions encourages you to consider three reasons to invest in professional flooring installation.

flooring installation

1. Make sure it’s done right the first time.

Installing tile, carpet, or hardwood takes specific knowledge and skills if you want the job done well. Plus, the installation often takes tools that most homeowners don’t just have in their toolboxes. Professional installation gives you peace of mind that your new floor was installed properly and saves you the cost of purchasing or renting tools you may never need again.

2. Save time.

When you try to install flooring on your own, you likely don’t have a team of professionals at your disposal. You’re a one man (or woman) show. As a result, the job can take much longer than you anticipate. You likely don’t have the time or energy you need to get a quality job done quickly. Professional installation gives you this time back because our crew can get it done efficiently.

3. Avoid inconvenience.

The IFS team knows how to install your flooring while minimizing hassle for your family. We do our best to work around your schedule, get the job done right, and get out of your way so you can start enjoying your new floors.

Want your flooring done right? Contact IFS at (317) 547-3333 for a free quote on flooring products and professional installation, or fill out our contact form and we can schedule you an at-home consultation.


photo credit: Office: Carpet Installation via photopin (license)

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