Is the wall behind your stove or sink beginning to look worse for wear? From spaghetti sauce to kitchen grease, that wall area can take a beating and be difficult to clean. Backsplash tiles can be a great solution—making your wall easier to wipe clean and giving your kitchen a custom look. We at Integrated Flooring Solutions want to pass along these backsplash tile design ideas to spur on your creativity.

1. Stick with white.

white backsplash tiles

If your kitchen has a clean, white modern look, you may want to stay on the white train and choose all-white ceramic tiles. White backsplash tiles can make your kitchen look fresh. Plus, white is a classic color that will not go out of style for years to come.

2. Choose artisan tiles to add visual interest.

Instead of choosing all the same wall tiles, select a unique artisan tile to create a border or systematically place in your backsplash design. You can choose from beautifully hand-painted tiles to metallic embellishments.

3. Infuse personality with color.

backsplash tile design ideas

If your personality and style gravitate toward lively, bright colors, then why not let your backsplash make a statement? You can find many backsplash tile colors—from key lime green to pungent purple—that are both modern and easy to maintain.

4. Bring in the bling.

backsplash tiles

Some Indianapolis homeowners want to add a little sparkle to the kitchen space and opt for metallic or glass backsplash tiles. You may want your entire backsplash to have a sheen, or you may want to insert just a few tiles here and there to add depth and texture.

5. Create a 3D effect.

To add some visual interest, you can find some backsplash tiles that fit together to create a 3D effect. You can choose from waves and basket weaves to mosaic patterns.

No matter which design you choose, contact Integrated Flooring Solutions of Indiana to check out our backsplash tile designs and to get a quote on tile installation. With our commitment to quality and affordable tile and flooring installation, we at Integrated Flooring Solutions have what you need to get rid of your stained kitchen-wall woes for good.

We serve residents in the greater Indianapolis area, including Greenwood, Carmel, and Fishers. Call Integrated Flooring Solutions today at (317) 547-3333.

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