You’ve been saving up to put hardwood floors in your home. Now you’re ready to rip out that ol’ shag carpet and replace it with beautiful, modern wood flooring. But first, make sure you choose a flooring installer who will do quality work in a professional manner. How do you find such great flooring installation? Allow our team at Integrated Flooring Solutions of Indianapolis to give you a few suggestions.

wood flooring installation

1. Get input from family and friends.

Do you have family in your area or co-workers who recently had wood floors installed? Ask around for references and begin to make a list of potential flooring installation companies. If you’re new to an area, you can also check into service review websites.

2. Conduct your own research.

Work through your list of potential installers, and check into their websites. You may even want to give them a call for a preliminary quote or information about their hardwood floors. Pay attention to their professionalism, credentials, and customer service—if they don’t treat you well from the beginning, we recommend crossing them off your list.

3. Get three in-home estimates.

Try to narrow down your list of options to three possibilities. Then, schedule an in-home estimate with each one. We at Integrated Flooring Solutions offer a free, in-home estimate service, so our customers can get accurate pricing and installation quotes without any obligations.

4. Compare numbers and service.

The bottom line is important, and the temptation is to always go with the flooring installer who is the cheapest. However, be sure to also factor in the installer’s customer service, professionalism, credentials, and communication skills. You want affordable flooring, but you also want to make sure it’s installed well and with no stress on your end.

5. Pay attention to your intuition.

When it comes to your home, you have to be comfortable with the crew installing your new hardwood floors. Go with your gut, and hire who you think is the best flooring installer for the job.

If you’re a homeowner in the Indianapolis area, be sure to include Integrated Flooring Solutions in your search. We carry a wide range of flooring products including hardwoods, laminate, tile, carpet, vinyl, and commercial flooring. Contact us today at (317) 547-3333 to ask a question or to schedule a free, in-home estimate.

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