It’s possible to make improvements to your home without breaking the bank. In particular let’s look at some of the myths and truths around selecting budget-friendly flooring for your Indianapolis home.

Myth: If it is inexpensive, it will be cheap and won’t last.
Truth: While there is certainly cheap flooring on the market, there are plenty of durable, high-quality options that are available at lower price-points. If you are unsure, simply ask your flooring expert for their honest evaluation of the product.

Myth: Discount flooring is always ugly.
Truth: Many beautiful flooring options are sold at clearance prices in order to reduce inventory. The choices are endless: hardwood, carpet, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, laminates, vinyl, and more!

Myth: It will take ages to find good quality inexpensive flooring that you like.
Truth: While it may take a bit longer to find the perfect flooring at a discount price, it certainly is not an impossible task. By shopping at a local flooring company, you can work with your salesperson to find just the right product for you.

Myth: Stores that sell budget-friendly flooring do not have good customer service.
Truth: As with any major purchase, you will want to find a supplier who offers good customer service to all of their clients. Generally speaking, local retailers have more invested in their community and are more likely to offer great customer service since they rely on word of mouth and reviews to increase their visibility.

Although it may take a bit more work to achieve your dream renovation while sticking to a budget, in the end, when you are sitting in your beautiful home without feeling house-poor, you will be happy you made the right choices. The professionals at Integrated Flooring Solutions are happy to work with each individual client to help them select the right flooring that meets their tastes as well as their budget. Contact us today at (317) 547-3333 to book an in-home consultation or come down to our showroom to see our great selection of flooring products, including our current specials.

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