Choosing new flooring for your Indianapolis home can be a long and arduous process. You want to make a good decision for your budget, your lifestyle, and your home’s design. However, the decision is not always straightforward. We at Integrated Flooring Solutions are familiar with all flooring types and want to help you attain your flooring goals.

Toward that end, this post highlights the benefits of one flooring option: tile. If you’re considering tile flooring, keep reading!

tile flooring

1. Options

Tile flooring is made from a wide range of products and comes in so many different shapes, colors, and styles. From ceramic tile flooring to natural stone, tile flooring can help you achieve a look that’s unique to your home.

2. Durability

With proper maintenance, tile flooring can last a very long time. Most tiles can withstand pets, kids, and heavy traffic quite well.

3. Easy to Clean

Many types of flooring—especially hardwoods—require a specific cleaning regimen in order to avoid floor damage or the presence of dirt. Tile flooring, on the other hand, is relatively easy to clean and withstands liquid spills much better than other flooring options. Many people choose tile flooring for their bathrooms and kitchen areas for this reason alone.

4. Fade resistant

Porcelain floor tiles don’t tend to fade when in direct sunlight, unlike carpet, hardwood floors, or laminate. If your kitchen, bathroom, or entryway gets a lot of sunshine throughout the day, tile flooring may be a good option for that space.

Want to hear more about tile flooring? For more information or to get a tile installation quote, contact Integrated Flooring Solutions of Indianapolis at (317) 547-3333. Be sure to also check out our customer reviews and current online flooring specials.

photo credit: Ambiente Hand Natura (Koa) via photopin (license)
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