Indiana laminate flooring

You’ve been mulling over your flooring options. Before deciding to replace the carpet in your living room, you never realized there were so many flooring options out there. You’ve had your eye on some laminate, but with hardwood, tile, and vinyl options lurking right around the corner—just how are you supposed to choose? That’s why Integrated Flooring Solutions is here to help.

If you’re considering laminate flooring, here are four reasons why it might be a good fit for you.

1. You have an active family.

Kids and pets can do a number on floors.You’re going to need flooring that can withstand some serious play over the next several years. The good news about laminate is that you can find some great-looking options that are also more durable than many of the hardwoods or carpet options you may also be considering.

2. You have a limited budget.

You desperately need to replace your worn floors, but hardwood floors are just not within your remodeling budget. The good news is that laminate flooring can help you achieve the same look as hardwood but at a fraction of the price. With quality laminate, you may even have a hard time distinguishing between it and hardwood options.

3. You’re concerned about moisture.

Hardwoods and carpet are not great options for spaces frequently exposed to water, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Laminate is better at protecting against spills, leaks, and other moisture-related issues that regularly occur in the home.

4. You like options.

Laminate flooring comes in a wide range of colors and styles. Not only can you find laminate that looks like hardwood, but you can also find options that look like tile or stone. We think you’ll be pleased by the variety available to you.

Want us to bring some laminate samples to your home? Contact IFS of Indianapolis, IN, today at (317) 547-3333 to schedule an in-home estimate. We can help you narrow down your flooring options and find just the right laminate for your space.

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